Artist Biography

     My storyboard and conceptual artwork in film has expanded into big budget features (You Don’t Mess with the Zohan, Rendition), smaller independent films (The Nines, Barbarian Princess), and even on-screen artwork (Americano).  Recently on the Black Eyed Peas project, Instant Def, I was given the opportunity to not only help direct other storyboard artists, but do some assistant art directing as well.    

     Jedlo: Defender of the Deep (Moombaya Books) a children’s picture book written by nationally renowned LA artist Ed Masey and illustrated by myself was published in 2004.  I will be following this book with a fantasy graphic novel I have written and am currently illustrating entitled The Journey of Self.  The story for this book chronicles my own spiritual adventure through the life of the main character, Dusanek, and his companions.  In addition to this, I’m excited to have co-founded the graphics company, Infinity Culture.  Our goal is  to spread positive and uplifting messages through collaborative t-shirt designs and prints.

     I am proud to say that my passion for art is as strong as ever.  As I’ve been doing my own writing, having more creative responsibilities with directors, and even living life with more inspiration, I feel more connected to art as an expression of myself, not just my skills.  In work, I appreciate and honor my clients by offering them the best of my talent, strong work ethic, and creativity.   I feel so fortunate to have a career that reflects not only what I do, but who I artist.

-Vincent Lucido